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The Angle

ANGLE, THE (הַמִּקְצֹ֑ועַ, corner of a building [Exod 26:24; 36:29], or court [Ezek 46:21, 22], or corner-post of an altar [Ezek 41:22]). Not the “angle” of KJV (“fishhook,” Isa 19:8; Hab 1:15), but a section of the wall of OT Jerusalem.

At Nehemiah’s refortification in 444 b.c., the angle (“turning,” KJV) extended southward along the eastern edge of ancient Mt. Zion from a point above the Gihon spring (Neh 3:24-26), through eight sections of construction, to the “armory” (3:19, 20). Three centuries before, Uzziah had erected a tower at this point (2 Chron 26:9). Since the ramparts seem here to have run relatively straight, the angle may refer to some interior structure that paralleled or abutted upon the wall. It should not be confused with the NE “corner” of the city (Neh 3:31, 32). See Upper Chamber of the Corner; Jerusalem.


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