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ANEM (ā'nĕm, Heb. ‘ānēm). A city of Issachar, set aside for the Levites (1Chr.6.73). Omitted in the parallel list in Josh.21.29.

ANEM ā’ nəm (עָנֵ֖ם). One of the cities of Issachar assigned to the sons of Gershom (1 Chron 6:73). The parallel list in Joshua 21:29 reads En-gannim. The site was prob. either at ’Olam, c. eight m. SE of Mount Tabor, or modern Khirbet ’Anim, c. two m. NE of ’Olam.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

Anem is mentioned with Ramoth among the cities of Issachar assigned to the priests, the sons of Gershom (1Ch 6:73). In the parallel list (Jos 21:29), there are mentioned Jarmuth and En- gannim, corresponding to Ramoth and Anim, therefore Anim and En-gannim (Jenin) are identical. As the name denotes (Anem = "two springs"; En-gannim = "the spring of gardens"), it was well watered. Anem is identified by Eusebius with Aner, but Conder suggests the village of "Anim," on the hills West of the plain of Esdraelon which represents the Anea of the 4th century AD (Onom under the word "Aniel" and "Bethara"), a city lying 15 Roman miles from Caesarea, which had good baths.