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ANAB (ā'năb, Heb. ‘ănāv, grapes). A city of the Anakim, taken by Joshua (Josh.11.21). It was part of the inheritance of Judah (Josh.15.50). It lies SE of Debir, SW of Hebron, and retains its ancient name.

ANAB ā năb (עֲנָ֔ב, grapes). A city in the hill country of Judah, SW of Debir, from which Joshua drove out the Anakim (Josh 11:21; 15:50). Its site must have been at one of two places: the modern Khirbet ’Anab near Debir or the present village of ’Anab, SW of Hebron.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

Mentioned in the list of cities which fell to Judah (Jos 15:50). In the list it follows Debir, from which it was a short distance to the Southwest. It lay about twelve males to the Southwest of Hebron. It was a city of the Anakim, from whom Joshua took it (Jos 11:21). Its site is now known as the rum `Anab.