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AMMIHUD (ă-mī'hŭd, Heb. ‘ammîhûdh, my kinsman is glorious)

The father of Elishama, chief of Ephraim (Num.1.10; Num.2.18; Num.7.48, Num.7.53).A man of Simeon and father of Shemuel (Num.34.20).A Naphtalite whose son Pedahel assisted in the division of the land (Num.34.28).Father of Talmai and king of Geshur. Absalom fled to Talmai after he murdered his brother Amnon (2Sam.13.37).Son of Omri, father of Uthai (1Chr.9.4).

AMMIHUD ă mī’ hŭd (עַמִּיה֑וּד, my kinsman is glorious). 1. The father of Elishama, head of the tribe of Ephraim during the sojourn in the wilderness (Num 1:10; 2:18; 7:48, 53; 10:22); great-grandfather of Joshua (1 Chron 7:26).

2. A Simeonite; the father of Shemuel; appointed by Moses to help divide the land of Canaan (Num 34:20).

3. A Naphtalite, father of Pedahel; appointed by Moses to help divide the land of Canaan (Num 34:28).

4. The father of Talmai, king of Geshur, to whom Absalom fled after the murder of his brother Amnon (2 Sam 13:37). The Kethibh of this verse reads “Ammihur,” but the reading “Ammihud,” followed by the KJV and the RSV, is favored.

5. Son of Omri; a Judahite; father of Uthai (1 Chron 9:4).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

The name of several Old Testament persons.

(1) Father of Elishama, who in the wilderness was head of the tribe of Ephraim (Nu 1:10; 2:18; 7:48,53; 10:22; 1Ch 7:26).

(2) Father of Shemuel, who was appointed by Moses from the tribe of Simeon to divide the land among the tribes after they should have entered Canaan (Nu 34:20).

(3) Father of Pedahel, who was appointed from the tribe of Naphtali for the same purpose as the Ammihud of (2) (Nu 34:28).

(4) In the King James Version and the Revised Version, margin for the Ammihur (`ammichur,"my kinsman is noble"), who was father of Talmai of Geshur, a little Aramaic kingdom East of the Lebanon mountains, to whom Absalom fled after the murder of his brother Amnon. The weight of evidence seems to favor the reading Ammichur (2Sa 13:37).

(5) A descendant of Judah through the line of Perez (1Ch 9:4).

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