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AMMIEL (ăm'ĭ-ĕl, Heb. ‘ammî’ēl, my kinsman is God)

The son of Gemalli and spy of the tribe of Dan sent out by Moses (Num.13.12).The father of Machir of Lo Debar (2Sam.9.4-2Sam.9.5; 2Sam.17.27).The father of Bathsheba, one of David’s wives (1Chr.3.5).The sixth son of Obed-Edom who, with his family, was associated with the temple gatekeepers (1Chr.26.5).

AMMIEL ăm’ ĭ əl (עַמִּיאֵ֖ל, my kinsman is God). 1. Son of Gemalli, of the tribe of Dan; one of the twelve spies sent by Moses into Canaan (Num 13:12).

2. The father of Machir, in whose house Mephibosheth was hidden from David (2 Sam 9:4, 5). Machir later befriended David (2 Sam 17:27).

3. The father of Bathshua (or Bathsheba), a wife of David and the mother of Solomon (1 Chron 3:5). In the parallel passage, 2 Samuel 11:3, he is called ELIAM.

4. The sixth son of Obed-edom, whose family took care of the S gate of the Temple and the storehouse in the time of David (1 Chron 26:5, 15).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

(`ammi’el, "my kinsman is God"; (Ameiel)): A name borne by four men in the Old Testament.

(1) One of the twelve spies sent into Canaan by Moses; son of Gemalli, of the tribe of Da (Nu 13:12).

(2) A Benjamite, the father of Machir, a friend of David, living at Lodebar in Gilead (2Sa 9:4,5; 17:27).

(3) Father of Bathshua (or Bathsheba), one of David’s wives, who was mother of Solomon (1Ch 3:5). In the parallel passage, 2Sa 11:3, by transposition of the two parts of the name, he is called Eliam, meaning "my God is a kinsman."

(4) The sixth son of Obed-edom, a Levite, one of the doorkeepers of the tabernacle of God in David’s life-time (1Ch 26:5).