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AMBASSAGE ăm’ bə säj (πρεσβεία, G4561, an embassy). A term used twice by Christ (in the KJV; RSV has EMBASSY) with the meaning of a “group of ambassadors,” not a message sent by ambassadors. In Luke 14:32 a weak king sends an ambassage to a stronger one to ask conditions of peace; and in Jesus’ parable of the pounds (19:11-27) certain citizens sent an ambassage to a hated nobleman with a notice that they refused to have him reign over them.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

Twice used by Christ

(1) in the parable of the Pounds, of the citizens who hated the nobleman and sent an ambassage, refusing to have him reign over them, thus illustrating those who willfully rejected His own spiritual sovereignty and kingdom (Lu 19:14);

(2) of a weak king who sends to a stronger an ambassage to ask conditions of peace (Lu 14:32). Not used elsewhere in the Bible.