Alpha Test Instructions

Thanks for your participation in the BiblicalTraining Library ("BTL") alpha test! We’re excited to unveil this new resource, and we’re eager for your ideas and feedback (and hopefully your editing contributions)!


About the Alpha Test

This Alpha test is a very early, not-ready-for-the-public version of BTL. That means it’s incomplete in places, missing some important features, and in serious need of organization. We hope you’ll help us identify the problems we need to fix before our public Beta test launch, and we hope you’ll contribute to BTL by editing an article or two!


How do you get started on the Alpha test?

The first thing to do to get started is to Getting Started and Useful Links|read through some of the documentation we’ve provided about BTL, its purpose and goals, and the way it’s set up. BTL is a wiki that anyone can edit; but because we put such a heavy emphasis on academic credibility and reliability, it works differently than Wikipedia or other wikis you may have used.

Once you’ve read through those documents, what should you do?


  • Browse the site and give us your general feedback. What works, and what doesn’t? What annoys you about the site, and what would you like us to improve? Contact BTL|Let us know!

  • Edit an article. Most of the articles on BTL are in need of editing for readability. Most pages contain text imported from multiple print dictionaries; these sources need to be combined, trimmed, and edited into single articles. If you don’t want to edit an entire article, just fixing small typos or adding links to an existing article is extremely helpful. If you're not sure where to start, take a Special:Random|random article or an Special:WhatLinksHere/Template:Cleanup|article marked for cleanup and try fixing it up!

  • As you can see, BTL is in its infancy, and we’ve got plenty of work to do before it’s ready for a public release. But your help, whether it’s editing a major article into readable shape or just sharing an opinion about the site, is invaluable to us as we work to improve it. Thanks for your help!