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Alfred Robert Tucker

1849-1914. Bishop of Eastern Equatorial Africa (1890-98) and of Uganda (1898-1911). He renounced an artistic career for the Anglican priesthood, and after seven years in English parishes he joined the Church Missionary Society and reached East Africa in 1890. His main achievement was to consolidate and extend the Anglican Church in Buganda and neighboring chiefdoms. He nurtured a locally supported African ministry, promoted educational and medical work, and traveled widely to supervise established missions and pioneer new work. His progressive views on church government aroused opposition among European missionaries who rejected full integration with the local church. Nevertheless, synodical government was accepted in 1909. Tucker campaigned for the British protectorate over Uganda (1894) and frequently championed the interests of its people. Ill-health compelled his resignation in 1911, at which time he became canon of Durham.