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AHUZZATH (a-hŭz'ăth, Heb. ’ăhuzzath, possession). A “friend” of Abimelech. These men and Phicol, chief of the Philistine army, made a peace treaty with Isaac at Beersheba after they saw that the Lord had blessed him (Gen.26.23-Gen.26.33). The ending -ath is in other Philistine names, e.g., Gath, Goliath.

AHUZZATH ə hŭz’ ăth (אֲחֻזַּת, possession). A “friend” of Abimelech, Philistine king of Gerar, who with Phicol, commander of the army, went with Abimelech to make a covenant with Isaac at Beersheba (Gen 26:26-31). His position may have been an official one, such as adviser to the king.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

A "friend" perhaps a minister, of Abimelech, king of Gerar. He together with Phicol, commander of the army, accompanied their sovereign to Beersheba to make a covenant with Isaac (Ge 26:26). The termination "-ath" reminds us of Philistine proper names, such as Gath, Goliath, etc. Compare Genubath (1Ki 11:20).

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