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AHIRAM (a-hī'răm, Heb. ’ăhîrām, brother of height, exalted brother). Son of Benjamin (Num.26.38). Although his name does not appear in the list of Benjamin’s sons given in Gen.46.21, it is thought that Ehi is perhaps a shortened form of Ahiram. In the list of five sons given in 1Chr.8.1-1Chr.8.2 the name of Aharah, expressly mentioned as “the third” son, is thought to be a variant of Ahiram or a different name for the same person (cf. Num.26.38-Num.26.39, where Ahiram is the third name in a list of five).

AHIRAM, AHIRAMITES ə hī’ rəm, ə hī’ rə mīts (אֲחִירָ֕ם, exalted brother, אֲחִירָמִֽי, of the family of Ahiram). Ahiram was the third of the five sons of Benjamin (Num 26:38). In 1 Chronicles 8:1, where the sons of Benjamin are explicitly numbered, the third name, Aharah, is prob. a corrupt form of Ahiram. Ahiram should prob. also be read for “Aher” in 1 Chronicles 7:12. In the Benjamite genealogy found in Genesis 46:21, “Ehi” may be an abbreviated form of Ahiram. In this genealogy ten sons of Benjamin are mentioned, but some of them are referred to as more remote descendants in other lists.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

(’achiram, "exalted brother," or "my brother is exalted"):

A son of Benjamin. Mentioned third of the five in Nu 26:38,39. In 1Ch 8:1 five sons are likewise mentioned, being explicitly numbered; the third name, Aharah (’achrach), is conjectured to be either a corruption of Ahiram or a different name for the same person. In 1Ch 7:6 ff is a fuller list of Benjamite names, but it is fragmentary and not clear. In it occurs Aher (’acher), which may be either Ahiram or Aharah with the end of the word lost. In Ge 46:21 ten sons of Benjamin are mentioned, some being there counted as sons who, in the other lists, are spoken of as more remote descendants. In this list Ehi (’echi) is perhaps Ahiram shortened. See Aharah; Aher; Ehi.

Willis J. Beecher