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Adoni-Zedek (Adoni-Zedec)

See also Adoni-Zedek

ADONI-ZEDEK (ADONI-ZEDEC) ə dō’ nī ze’ dĕk (אֲדֹֽנִי־צֶ֜דֶק, my lord is righteousness). King of Jerusalem (KJV ADONI-ZEDEC) when the Israelites invaded Canaan under Joshua (Josh 10:1, 3). When he heard of the fall of Ai and the league of the Gibeonites with Israel, he entered into a coalition with four other Amorite kings to the S and W of Jerusalem with the purpose of punishing the city of Gibeon. Joshua and his men quickly came to the assistance of Gibeon. In a memorable battle in which the sun stood still, the confederate forces were badly defeated. The five kings were shut up in a cave in which they had hidden. When the battle ended, they were slain and their bodies were hung up until the evening; when they were removed and sealed in the cave with large stones.