ADASA ăd’ ə sə (̓Αδασα). A town unmentioned in the canonical Scriptures, but referred to in 1 Maccabees 7:40, 45 and Josephus, Antiq., XII. x. 5, located between Beth-horon and Jerusalem, most likely at the site of the present Khirbet ’Addâseh, seven m. from Bethhoron. Here, after prayer, Judas Maccabeus with 3,000 men defeated the Syrian army under Nicanor, a victory which occasioned an annual observance on the thirteenth of Adar (1 Macc 7:49).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

A town less than four miles from Beth-horon (30 furlongs Ant, XII, x, 5; 1 Macc 7:40) and a day’s journey from Gazara (1 Macc 7:45), where Judas Maccabee defeated and killed Nicanor, a general of Demetrius (1 Macc 7:40 ff). The ruin of Adaseh near Gibeon (SWP, III, XVII).