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ACHSAH ăk’ sə (עַכְסָֽה, anklet; ACHSA ’ăk såh, 1 Chron 2:49 KJV). A daughter of Caleb who was given in marriage to Othniel, son of Caleb’s younger brother Kenaz, in fulfillment of Caleb’s promise that whoever captured Kirjath-sepher would be given Achsah as his wife. Achsah persuaded Othniel to ask an additional area, and then she herself asked for sources of water. She was given the upper and lower springs (Josh 15:16, 17; Judg 1:12, 13; 1 Chron 2:49).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

ak’-sa: Used in the King James Version in 1Ch 2:49 for ACHSAH, which see.

(`akhchah; in some copies `akhca’ in 1Ch 2:49), ("anklet"): The daughter of Caleb whom he gave in marriage to his younger kinsman Othniel the son of Kenaz, as a reward for smiting Kiriath-sepher (Jos 15:16 ff; Jud 1:12 ff). Caleb, the narrative says, established Achsah in the South-country, and in addition, at her asking, gave her certain important springs of water--the "upper basins" and the "nether basins." Professor G. F. Moore identifies these with the groups of springs in Seit ed-Dilbeh (notes on Jud in Polychrome Bible).

Willis J. Beecher

Source 2

ACSAH (āk’să, Heb. ‘akhsâ, anklet). The story of Acsah is charmingly told in Josh.15.16-Josh.15.19; Judg.1.12-Judg.1.15. She was the daughter of Caleb the son of Hephunneh, who was given in marriage to Othniel, son of Kenaz, Caleb’s younger brother, in keeping a promise Caleb had made to give his daughter to him who “captures Kiriath Sepher” (Josh.15.16). The bride persuaded her husband to ask her father for a field. It was given him, but Acsah was not satisfied. Out riding one day, she met Caleb and asked him for springs to water the field. Caleb gave her both the upper and lower springs.

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