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Academic Collaborative Publishing

The BiblicalTraining Library ("BTL") is dedicated to the academic collaborative publishing of authoritative information on the Bible. We call our approach Academic Collaborative Publishing:

  • It is "academic" in that we are concerned with high-quality information written by highly qualified people.
  • It is "collaborative" in that it represents the work of thousands of people.
  • It is "publishing" in that our desire is to share our knowledge with one another.

We invite you to use the material freely and, if qualified, to participate in the publishing process. While BTL is an academic site, it does exist under a Statement of Faith.

The articles on BTL cover people, places, events, and ideas from the Bible and Christian history.


BTL is committed to producing academic articles that will benefit serious students in the academy and the church.

This is a place to be as objective as possible, and as fair as possible. Many "facts" require interpretation, and the articles try to distinguish simple fact from personal interpretation of the facts. When there are major differences of interpretation, there are branch articles.

This is not a place to express your unstudied opinion on issues or to mount your favorite hobby horse.

While BTL is an academic site, it does exist under a Statement of Faith and controlling guidelines for academic excellence. If any articles are suspected to be outside these two parameters, please tell us.


BTL started with the contribution of 17,000 articles from authoritative, copyrighted publications. Our goal is for the academic community to massage, clarify, correct, update, and enlarge those articles.

BTL is not a wiki. It is not a site for anyone to say anything they want. BTL is a medium for qualified and authoritative people to share what they know with students and the church.


The days of traditional print publishing are coming to an end. There will always be experts who want to share their thoughts and ideas, to communicate knowledge, but the way in which that will happen is changing forever.

The electronic distribution of material is slowly but permanently replacing the written page, as difficult as that is for many people. BTL will be at the forefront of this revolution, of conveying quality and authoritative material created by many qualified and authoritative people.