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d.366. Semi-Arian theologian and bishop of Caesarea in Palestine. A friend of Eudoxios of Antioch and George of Alexandria, he opposed the dogmatic (homoousios) theology of the Council of Nicea (325). He enjoyed the patronage of the emperor and in 340, after the death of Eusebius, became bishop of Caesarea and inherited the great library of his predecessor, of which he made much use. He became leader of the Court Party or Homoeans*-those who asserted that Jesus Christ was like (homoios) the Father but not necessarily of the same essence. He played a major role at the Council of Seleucia (359), but was deposed by those who were defenders of the Nicene orthodoxy. Constantius nevertheless stood by him. When Jovian was emperor, Acacius found it expedient to accept the Creed of Nicea, but he later returned to Arianism* when Valens began to rule. He wrote much in his lifetime, but only fragments now remain.

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