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ABRONAH (a-brō'na, Heb. ’avrōnâ, possible meaning, crossing, ford). A camping place of the Israelites in the wilderness, one march before Ezion-Geber on the Gulf of Aqabah (Num.33.34-Num.33.35). The exact location is uncertain.

ABRONAH ə brō’ nə (עַבְרֹנָֽה, KJV EBRONAH eb rō’ nä, bank, crossing, ford?). A camp of the Israelites’ wilderness journey, one stop before Ezion-geber at the Gulf of Aqabah on the border of Edom (Num 33:34, 35). Location uncertain. Perhaps at Ain Defiyeh N of Ezion-geber. Abronah is not mentioned in Deuteronomy 10:6, 7.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

a-bro’-na, the King James Version Ebronah (`abhronah): One of the stations of Israel in the wilderness on the march from Sinai to Kadesh--the station next before that at Ezion-geber on the eastern arm of the Red Sea (Nu 33:34,35).