ABITUB (a-bī'tŭb, Heb. ’ăvîtûv, the father is goodness). A Benjamite, son of Shaharaim and Hushim (1Chr.8.8-1Chr.8.11).

ABITUB ə bī’ tŭb (אֲבִיט֖וּב, father of goodness or my father is good). One of the two sons of Shaharaim and his first wife, Huhim, born in Moab, mentioned in the genealogy of Benjamin (1 Chron 8:11).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

ab’-i-tub, a-bi’-tub (’abhiTubh, "father of goodness," or, "my father is goodness"): In the King James Version Ahitub. A descendant of Benjamin and son of Shaharaim and Hushim, born in the field of Moab (1Ch 8:11).