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Liberalism and Conservatism

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Discussion of liberalism and conservatism, and statism and anti-statism.


Political Philosophy and the Christian Worldview

Part 1

I.  The Significance of 1 Samuel 8


II.  The Distinction Between Classical Liberalism and Classical Conservatism

A.  Classical Liberalism

1.  Greatest Strength - Upheld individual freedom or human liberty

2.  Greatest Weakness - Denial of absolutes

B.  Classical Conservatism

1.  Greatest Strength - Social order based on objective absolutes

2.  Greatest Weakness - Led to despotism


III.  The Important Work of Frank B. Meyer

A.  Background

B.  The Nature of Frank Meyer's Fusionism


IV.  The Difference Between a State and a Society

A.  State - Coercive

B.  Society - Voluntary


V.  The Difference Between Statism and Anti-statism

A.  Statism

B.  Anti-statism

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