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Life-changing Letters from Old Friends of the Church . . .

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Instruction comes in many forms. We’ve been using one form . . . the video classroom. Needless to say, it was a form not available to the early church leaders. If they wanted to minister to someone not in their presence, they had to rely on the most personal approach available next to an actual meeting – the personal letter. As we look at the 22 letters that make up the Instructional Section of the NT we need to remember that are just that . . . personal . . . letters . . . sent with love, care and concern to those bringing Christ’s life to His followers, the early church. And they bring that same personal love and concern to you and me.


Life-changing Letters from Old Friends of the Church . . .


I. Comparison of Old Testament and New Testament

A. Types of writings

B. Number of years represented

C. Purposes of each type of writings

II. The NT Letters: their position in history

A. Written looking back at the cross

B. Emphasize Christs's death and resurrection

C. Highlight fulfilled promises

D. Source of doctrine and theology

E. Underscore new life in Christ

F. Insight into OT teachings and prophecy

G. Faith is center stage

H. Suffering seen as an aspect of discipleship

I. Grave danger from false teaching

J. The "Instructional House" (diagram)

III. Differences in instructional letters

A. Audience

B. Purpose

C. Teaching

D. Focus

E. Emphasis

IV. Description of "Life Cycle"

V. General comments about the letters

A. Authors

B. Dates

C. Organization

D. Key to studying

VI. the cornerstone books

A. Romans

B. Hebrews

VII. Remember

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