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Life-changing Letters from Old Friends of the Church . . .

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Instruction comes in many forms. We’ve been using one form . . . the video classroom. Needless to say, it was a form not available to the early church leaders. If they wanted to minister to someone not in their presence, they had to rely on the most personal approach available next to an actual meeting – the personal letter. As we look at the 22 letters that make up the Instructional Section of the NT we need to remember that are just that . . . personal . . . letters . . . sent with love, care and concern to those bringing Christ’s life to His followers, the early church. And they bring that same personal love and concern to you and me.


Life-changing Letters from Old Friends of the Church . . .

I. Nature of the content

A. Personal letters

B. Faith is a central theme

C. Suffering is an act of discipleship and a privilege

II. Summary of the chart [Lesson 9 Handout]

A. Paul's letters to the churches

B. Letters from other authors

C. Letters from Paul to leaders

D. Description of the purposes and themes of the letters

E. The format of the letters

III. Cornerstone books

A. Romans

B. Hebrews

1. Warning against drifting away from the Bible

2. Warning about the importance of obedience

3. Warning about the importance practicing your faith

4. Warning about the danger of sinning willfully

5. A sign of being a mature disciple of Jesus is to respond to correction by changing your attitude and behavior