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Fourth Quest of the Historical Jesus

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This quest was due to a new emphasis on the historical reliability of John. Some events in John have a greater claim to authenticity by liberal critics. Blomberg then looks at a theme throughout John of Jesus as the Purifier, which parallels the Synoptics account of Jesus healing people, making the unclean clean. This too argues for a greater part of John's gospel being historically reliable.



A. Jesus’ initial association with John the Baptist

B. Jesus’ first encounters with disciples-to-be

C. Jesus’ inaugural temple cleansing

D. Overall three-year chronology

E. Centrality of Sabbath healings

F. Attempted revolt in the wilderness

G. Prophetic agency

H. Additional details in passion, resurrection stories


The argument is that purification is a consistent theme running throughout the gospel, and that parallels the Synopics recording of Jesus' healing ministry, making the unclean learn,  and that argues for the historicity of these stories.

A. Jesus and John the Baptist

B. Six stones jars

C. Temple cleansing

D. Born of water and the spirit

E. Living water vs. well water

F. At the Pool of Bethesda

G. Ritually unclean in the wilderness

H. Rivers of living water from within

I. At the Pool of Siloam

J. At the Feast Honoring Purification of Temple

K. The ultimate purification of Lazarus

L. Mary’s anointing

M. Foot-washing

N. Pruning the vine

O. Prayer for sanctification

P. Minor details in the Passion and Resurrection stories

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