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History of the Bible

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We conclude by talking about how the Bible has come through the centuries, the differences that exist among the Greek manuscripts, with a few words of caution in what is called "The King James Debate."


Week 6: How Do We Describe Things?

Chapter 30: The History of the English Bible, and Textual Criticism

Written to Specific Audiences



Textual Criticism

Unintentional errors

Intentional errors

Footnotes in your Bible


1. Persecution and books destroyed

2. East Church (Greek) and the West Church (Latin) split

3. Jerome (400's)

4. Resurgence of Greek in the West


Problems with the King James debate

Two things that are significant about these manuscripts

Weigh, not count



Which reading explains others

Final comments on text criticism

1. No debate among scholars of any theological position

2. Realm of the specialist 

3. No Christian doctrine questioned

4. We can trust our Bibles

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