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Lecture 20: Elements of the Worship Service

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Elements of a worship service include songs, scripture reading, offerings, sacraments, prayer and affirmation of faith.


Designing Worship Experiences

Part 5

VIII.  Elements of the Worship Service

A.  Offering with prayer

B.  Worship renewal

1.  Start with where you are.

2.  Listen to the congregation.

3.  Education

4.  Introduce new elements

a.  Carefully and cautiously

b.  Limited numbers

C.  Announcement - "Joys and concerns"

D.  Special music

E.  Response to special music

F.  Songs

G.  Scripture Reading

H.  Preaching and Teaching

I.  Sacraments

J.  Prayers

K.  Affirmation of Faith

L.  Greeting


IX.  Various Topics

A.  How long should the sermon be?

B.  How much preaching and teaching should there be?

C.  Should our style be liturgical or contemporary?

D.  What do you mean by, "Worship is for God?"

E.  Should we preach about doing good works?

F.  Is there a style of music that is incompatible with worship?

G.  Culture Continuum

1.  Celebration

2.  Connection

3.  Confrontation

4.  Condemnations

H.  Seeker Continuum

1.  Hostile

2.  Insensitive

3.  Sensitive (Friendly)

4.  Driven

I.  Summary Statements

1.  Revelation and Response

2.  Worship is beholding and becoming like God.

3.  We become like the object of our worship.

4.  We are transformed by the renewing of our minds.

5.  Worship is seeing him and being his.


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1 Worship - Quiz 20

Worship - Quiz 20

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