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The Leader and Revelation

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Jesus is the true worship leader. Worship transcends and includes all cultures and races. Worship celebrates the first coming of Jesus, looks forward to His second coming, and prays that His presence will be manifest in the present.


Worship in the New Testament

Part 3

VI.  Leader of Worship

A.  Jesus is the true leader

B.  Pastors, ushers, etc.

C.  Not limited to the area of music


VII.  St. Mary of the Feet - Sister of Martha

A.  Luke 10

B.  John 11

C.  John 12


VIII.  Hebrews


IX.  Revelation

A.  All Nations - bigger glimpse culturally, racially, etc.

B.  Song of salvation - song of praise

C.  God's holiness

D.  Part of a larger movement

E.  Triumph of God

F.  Celebrating the First Coming of Christ

G.  Looking forward to the the Second Coming

H.  Praying "Come, Lord Jesus!" in the meantime