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Continuity and Discontinuity

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The idea of revelation and response, and cultivating a lifestyle of worship are important elements in biblical worship. It is a challenge to develop an adequate understanding of who God is and how we should approach Him.


Worship in the New Testament

Part 1

I.  Continuity and Discontinuity

A.  Continuity

1.  Basic idea of worship

2.  Character of God

3.  Many elements of worship

4.  Idea of revelation and response

5.  Importance of a lifestyle of worship

6.  Ethical demands

B.  Discontinuity (Substance of the Shadow)

1.  Understanding of God

2.  Approach to God

a.  Shadow and substance

i.  Sacrificial system

ii.  Priestly system

a)  One High Priest in Christ

b)  Priesthood of all believers

b.  Access available to all, at all times, in all places

c.  Use of the church calendar