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Third Commandment

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The Third Commandment instructs us to not use God's name in a dishonorable way.


Third Commandment

III.  The Ten Commandments (part 3)

A. Two Reasons the Decalogue is Significant

B. Numbering Systems

C. Preamble - "I am the LORD your God ..."

D. First Commandment - "You shall have no other gods."

E. Second Commandment - "You shall make no graven images ..."


F.  Third Commandment - "You shall not use the name of the LORD your God for emptiness."

1.  Stated positively - "Hallowed be Thy Name." Matthew 6:9

2.  Individual application

3.  Application in the church

a.  Prayer

b.  "In Jesus' name"

c.  Sincerity and integrity in worship

d.  Claiming to speak in the name of the Lord - Jeremiah 23:16ff

e.  What about oaths?

f.  What about prophecy and spiritual gifts?

4.  The Name

a.  3 John 7

b.  Philippians 2

c.  Teaching about the name

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