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Lecture 5: Preamble and First Commandment

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The First Commandment instructs us about who God is and that we should worship only Him.


Worship in the Old Testament

Part 2

III.  The Ten Commandments (part 1)

A.  Two Reasons the Decalogue is Significant

1.  Historical Background

2.  Exposition of the double commandment (Love God / Love your neighbor)

B.  Numbering Systems

1.  Reformed / Orthodox

2.  Catholic / Lutheran

3.  Jewish

C.  Preamble - "I am the LORD your God ..."

1.  Covenant document

2.  God's initiation and invitation

a.  1 John 4:10

b.  1 John 4:19

D.  First Commandment - "You shall have no other gods."

1.  Flows from the preamble

2.  God is one.

a.  Deuteronomy 6:4-5

b.  Isaiah 42:8

c.  Joshua 23:6-8

3.  Concerned with the object of worship

4.  Spoken to covenant people

5.  What other gods are there?

a.  Individually

b.  Congregationally

6.  Meditation on the Torah


Name Description
1 Worship - Quiz 5

Worship - Quiz 5

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