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Lecture 4: Key Terms and Features

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Worship is focused on the character of God and involves every aspect of our lives.


Worship in the Old Testament

Part 1

I.  Key Terms

A.  Shachah - "prostrate oneself," "bow down"

B.  'avad - "serve"

C.  Yir'ah - "show respect," "fear," "awe"

D.  Yadah - "give thanks"


II.  Key Features

A.  Emphasis on worship as life - holistic.

1.  Deuteronomy 6:4-5

2.  Micah 6:6-8

3.  Integrity

B.  Worship is costly.

C.  Holiness of God in worship.

1.  Design of the temple and tabernacle.

2.  Priestly system

3.  Sacrificial system

D.  Mercy and grace of God is celebrated in worship.

1.  Micah 7

2.  Psalm 103

E.  God is both transcendent and immanent.

1.  1 Kings 8:27-30

2.  Isaiah 66:1-2

F.  Focus of worship is on the gracious acts of God on behalf of his people.

1.  The Exodus

2.  Festivals - telling and retelling of the story

G.  Worship takes on different forms and requires different kinds of responses.

H.  Worship involves declaring the truth about God and his reign in the world. (Psalm 73)

I.   We become like the object of our worship.

1.  Psalm 115

2.  Isaiah 44

J.  The maturing worshiper moves from seeking God's hand to seeking God's face. (Psalm 27)


Name Description
1 Worship - Quiz 4

Worship - Quiz 4

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