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Action Evangelism (part 2)

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George Callendine continues by asking the question, "What’s going on with my relationship to God, the environment and this person?" We are trying to understand human actions so we can act as Christians and mobilize our lives to touch others. Vision is your idea of the future and mission is what you are doing everyday to get to your vision. The diagnostic wheel to which Mr. Callendine refers is not available at this time. We hope to make it available in the future.


Action Evangelism (part 2)

I. Action evangelism

A. Features of actions that all acts have in common

1. Fulfillment – What’s the completed act?

2. Meaning – Why is the action taking place?

3. Mission – What’s the goal of the action?

4. Power – What’s the motivation, energization of the action?

5. Structure – How is the action organized? (Processes, systems) through which

6. Resources – What resources are needed? with which

7. Existence – What is the past and present setting (from which)

B. Class activity

C. How do the 7 features of an action relate to each other?

1. Existence limits resources and makes them possible

D. 6 basic frames of issues and problems in reality

E. Diagnostic tools

1. Case 1

2. Case 2

3. Case 3

4. Case 4

5. Summary

a. Case 1

b. Case 2

c. Case 3

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