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Lecture 9: H. A. L. T.

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You can assume that people are, "H.A.L.T. " – Hurting, Angry, Lonely, Tired. Ministry is 24 times more rejection than affirmation and every rejection is important. We must have utter dependence on God and realize that doing ministry is hopeless if we are trying to do it under our own steam. Get on your knees and beg God to help you. Preach the text and let the text itself provide the outline. Our greatest strengths are anointed weaknesses. Most of the  work of the kingdom is done one-on-one. That’s why you want people in close community. A Christian is someone who commits all they know about themselves to all they know of God. Wesley said, “Leading a person to Christ without providing ample opportunity for growth and nurture is to beget children for the murderer.”

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1 hour 18 min

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