The Core of the Gospel Theologically

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At the Fall, Satan gained control of the world. Jesus takes it back in Revelation 5 because he meets the qualifications. The core elements of the sermons of the apostles are authoritative proofs, prophecies fulfilled, God’s activities described, apostolic eyewitnesses and miracles proclaimed. You will be heard with authority to the degree you are willing to put your life on the line. You die spiritually when you rationalize sin. Wind moves from high pressure to low pressure. We access the power of the Spirit by repenting and believing. Two sins mentioned throughout scripture are self-reliance and oppressing the poor.


The Core of the Gospel Theologically

I. Introduction and Review

II. Temptation of Jesus

III. Revelation 5

IV. Patrine Sermons in Acts

A. Historical setting

B. Origin of world religions

V. Devotional

A. No condemnation (Rom 8)

B. Law of Sin and Death (Heb 12)

C. Accessing the power of the spirit

D. Repentance and faith (theological evidence)

1. Repentance

2. Acts 8


1 hour 8 min