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Lecture 22: The Doctrine of the Church (Part 4)

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New Testament passages give specific instructions about the functions of elders in local congregations. There are also lists qualifications for elders that emphasize character qualities. The roles and qualifications for deacons are also given.


The Doctrine of the Church (Part 4)

2) The functions of elders

     a. Able to teach

     b. Rulership

2) Qualifications

     a. Character qualities

     b. Fulfill functions already mentioned

     c. Deacon (diakonos) “a servant”

          1) The functions of deacons

               a. Able to serve the needs of people

               b. Without the ability to teach and rule

          2) Qualifications (almost identical)

               a. Character qualities

               b. Do not need to be able to teach and rule


Namesort descending Description
1 Systematic Theology II - Quiz 22

Systematic Theology II - Quiz 22

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