Free Online Bible Classes | The Doctrine of the Church (Part 3)

The Doctrine of the Church (Part 3)

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An additional New Testament metaphor for the Church is a "Building," which is made up of the "Cornerstone," "Foundation" and the "Living Stones." "Christ's Flock" is also a metaphor for the Church and relates to Jesus as the "Good Shepherd." There are also passages in the New Testament that give us insight into local congregations by referring to elders as the leaders.


The Doctrine of the Church (part 3)

3. Church as a building

a. Christ as the cornerstone of the foundation

b. Apostles and prophets establish the foundation

c. Living stones built upon this foundation

4. Church as the flock of Christ

a. Christ as the good shepherd (Old Testament background)

     1) Calls the sheep

     2) Lays down his life for the sheep

     3) Searches for the lost sheep

b. Sheep are called to follow the Shepherd

c. Some are called to be under shepherds

D. The local church

1. Offices of the local church

a. Introduction: hierarchy vs. democracy

     1) Pastor-teacher responsible to lead and protect

     2) But must give ministry away: equip every member to minister

b. Elder

     1) Biblical words used

          a. Presbuteros: elder or presbyter

          b. Episkopos: bishop or overseers

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