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Lecture 20: The Doctrine of the Church (Part 2)

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The "mystery" of the Church refers to the truth that was formerly concealed, but now revealed. Another aspect of the "mystery" is the inclusion of Jews and Gentiles in one community of faith. There is some debate about whether or not Israel and the Church are the same. The "Body of Christ" and "Bride of Christ" are two metaphors used in the New Testament that refer to the Church.

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The Doctrine of the Church (Part 2)

2. The mystery of the Church

a. Definition and description: Mystery is truth formerly not revealed

b. Relationship between mystery of the church and Old Testament earlier prophecy of gentile blessing and inclusion

c. Did Old Testament reveal that Jews and Gentiles would become one community of faith?

d. Mystery is that these prophecies are fulfilled in Christ

3. Israel and the Church

a. The same or different

b. Continuity or discontinuity?

C. Metaphors for the Church

1. Church as the body of Christ:

a. The headship of Christ is made clear

b. The body is dependent on the head

c. The unity of the body and the head

d. The interdependence of each member

2. Church as the bride of Christ

a. Christ’s unconditional love

b. Emphasis of the purity of the Church


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1 Systematic Theology II - Quiz 20

Systematic Theology II - Quiz 20

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