Free Online Bible Classes | The Doctrine of Salvation (Part 4)

The Doctrine of Salvation (Part 4)

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Continuing in the logical order of salvation, Rob Lister examines regeneration, conversion, justification, adoption and sanctification.


The Doctrine of Salvation (Part 4)

3. Regeneration: Work of the Holy Spirit that gives the sinner a renewed origination.

4. Conversion: is a two-fold turning to Jesus Christ in faith and away from sin.

a. Repentance: Act of the human will whereby one recognizes the evil and destructive character of sin and turns from them.

1) Intellectual: intellectual recognition of sin

2) Emotional: sorrow and abhorrence of evil

3) Volitional: willful rejection of sin

b. Faith: Conscience act where one who willfully turns from evil simultaneously turns to God in Christ who alone can forgive sin

1) Intellectual: Recognition of God’s truth in contrast to the lies of sin and evil

2) Emotional: Affectional assent to the gospel

3) Volitional: Will to give one’s self to Christ

c. Repentance and faith and the gospel message

5. Justification: God’s declaration that the one who has believed in Jesus Christ stands before him fully righteous by virtue of Christ’s imputed righteousness

a. Main elements of Justification

1) Debt removed

2) Positive acceptance by God (righteousness imputed)

b. Method of Justification

1) Christ’s death is basis of our Justification

2) Grace is accessed instrumentally by faith

c. Results of Justification

1) Peace with God

2) Salvation from God’s wrath

3) Glorification

4) Heirs of the hope of eternal life

6. Adoption: Believers are made legally adopted as sons and daughters of God and as such have all the accompanying privileges and responsibilities

a. Passages of Scripture

b. Privileges

1) Heirs of God and fellow heirs with Christ

2) Gift of the Holy Spirit

3) Communion with the Spirit that assures our sonship

4) A hope of future glory

7. Union with Christ (the hub of all the other blessings of salvation)

8. Sanctification: Making us righteous as he works within us to make us like Jesus Christ.

a. Positional Sanctification

b. Progressive Sanctification: Growth in holiness which an outworking of the Spirit’s presence in our lives

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