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The Holy Spirit (Part 6)

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The Holy Spirit accomplishes the work of regeneration in a person by bringing them new life. The Spirit also indwells and fills a believer, produces fruit and gives us the freedom to become what God created us to be. The Holy Spirit is also the guarantee of the hope of our eternal future in God's presence.


The Holy Spirit (part 6)

d. The Holy Spirit indwells and fills (empowers) the individual believer

1. Regeneration: the Spirit works to bring new life to the individual

     a) Opens our eyes to see the truth

     b) Gives us a heart to respond to God

2. The Spirit indwells believers

3. The Spirit fills the individual

4. Spirit produces fruit

5. Spirit comes to set us free

4. The Holy Spirit and the blessed hope

a. Aparche: first fruits

b. Arrab┼Źn: pledge or guarantee

c. Sphragizo: seal or ownership

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