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The Unified Theological Witness of the New Testament

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Beginning with point 2b, Dr. Thielman focuses on five theological themes that are emphasized throughout the New Testament.


The Unified Theological Witness of the New Testament


I. The Significance of Jesus

A. Jesus as More than Messiah

B. Universal Rebellion as the Reason for Jesus’ Rejection

C. The Death of Jesus as the Defeat of Rebellion against God

1. Jesus’ Death Atones for Human Sin

2. Jesus’ Death Defeats the Malevolent Powers


II. Faith as the Response to God’s Gracious Initiative

A. Faith’s Focus on God

B. Faith’s Eschatological Character

C. Faith as Obedience


III. The Spirit as the Eschatological Presence of God

A. The Spirit’s Presence in the Life of Jesus

B. The Spirit’s Presence with God’s People

1. Empowering the Church’s Witness

2. Directing the Church

3. Teaching the Church

4. Dissolving Ethnic Barriers

5. Sanctifying God’s People


IV. The Church as the People of God

A. The Church as the Restored Israel

B. The Church as the Dwelling Place of God’s Presence

C. The Church as the Repository of Truth


V. The Consummation of All Things

A. What Will the New Creation Be?

B. When Will the New Creation Come?

C. How Should Hope for the New Creation Influence Christian Behavior?

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