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The Unity and Theological Value of Hebrews to Revelation

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The last nine books of the New Testament address some critical issues that the early church was facing. These books were written by different authors and from different perspectives but are in fundamental agreement on foundational teachings.


The Unity and Theological Value of Hebrews to Revelation

Part 2

II. Another possibility: the orthodox response to false teaching and persecution

A. The church’s response to false teaching

1. Unhealthy theological developments of the Pauline tradition

2. Unhealthy theological developments of the Johannine tradition

B. The common ground between these two types of false teaching: An over emphasis on knowledge and an under emphasis on ethics


III. The church’s response:

A. The false teachers have departed from historically reliable Christian tradition:

B. That tradition stresses the crucial link between Christian confession and ethics.

C. That tradition stresses the reality of a coming Day of Judgment in which the wicked will be judged.


IV. The church’s response to persecution

A. Why were the early Christians persecuted?

B. Alternative answers to five crucial questions.

1. Who is Jesus?

2. Who are Christians?

3. Who are the opponents of God’s people?

4. What is the significance of Christian suffering?

5. What does the future hold?

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