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Lecture 11: Theological Themes (part 2)

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The 5 major theological themes in Paul's letters are based on Pastoral issues that emerged in congregations of believers to whom Paul was writing. By examining these themes, we can understand Paul's theology more clearly, and get a glimpse of what it was like to be a Christian in the first century. This lecture covers the third and fourth of the 5 themes.


Theological Themes in Paul's Letters

Part 2

IV. Theme 3: The Sanctity of the Church

A. The vocation of God’s ancient people Israel

B. Paul believed that this time of restoration had come with the coming of Christ

C. The church should separate itself from the nations by means of a law.

1. Not the law of Moses

2. Nevertheless, including

a. The ten commandments

b. The love commandment

3. This is probably what Paul would call “the law of Christ

4. Differences between “the law of Moses” and “the law of Christ”


(The audio for Theme 4 through Theme 5 point B is not available)  

V. Theme 4: The Unity of the Church

A. The extent of the problem

1. Disunity in Corinth

2. Disunity in Galatia

3. Disunity in Philippi

4. Disunity in Romans

B. The theology of Paul’s solution

1. The gift-character of salvation

2. The church’s responsibility to “edify” others


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1 New Testament Theology - Quiz 11

New Testament Theology - Quiz 11

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