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Lecture 9: The Nature of Paul's Theology

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Paul's writings show that his theology is coherent. Passages in his letters that show different aspects of his theology were written to address specific concerns, not an indication that his theology was in the process of changing. Also, a discussion of the "center" of Paul's theology.


The Nature of Paul's Theology


I. Introduction


II. Two issues have dominated the study of Paul’s theology.

A. The issue of Paul’s coherence (and significance): three positions

1. Paul as the Prince of Theologians

2. Paul as a Developing Theologian

3. Paul as a Religious Mystic

B. The issue of the “center” of Paul’s theology

1. Is talk of a “center” to Paul’s theology helpful?

2. What center should we choose? Two cautions

3. A proposal for the “center” of Paul’s theology


Name Description
1 New Testament Theology - Quiz 9

New Testament Theology - Quiz 9

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