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Lecture 8: Jesus as the Suffering Servant

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Luke emphasizes how Jesus, in his ministry and death, identified with the "suffering servant" prophesied in Isaiah. Although Luke affirmed the atoning aspect of Jesus' death, he focused on how Jesus' death fulfilled the role of the suffering servant. Jesus' death not only established His church, but, much like the role of the servant in Isaiah, the church's central mission was to gather the nations. This lecture also addresses the type of response each gospel writer attempts to elicit from us as we read it.


The Theological Emphases of the Four Gospels

Part 4

III. What is the meaning of his death?

A. Atonement in Matthew and Mark

B. The path back to the full glory of the Father (John)


C. A necessary step toward exaltation and mission (Luke-Acts)


IV. What response should Jesus receive in the present?

A. Persevering faith and love for fellow Christians (John)

B. Certainty of conviction despite social ostracism (Luke-Acts)

C. Repentance and faith in light of failure and atonement (Mark)

D. Acceptance rather than rejection (Matthew)


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1 New Testament Theology - Quiz 8

New Testament Theology - Quiz 8

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