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Lecture 3: Emergence of the Fourfold Gospel

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Emergence of the four gospels, summary of their major differences, and efforts of the early church to harmonize them.


Emergence of the Fourfold Gospel


I. The Problem of Four Diverse Gospels

A. All claim to be the one gospel of Jesus Christ

B. All diverge from one another in various ways. Examples:

1. The passion narrative

2. The resurrection narrative

a. Kelsus

b. Porphyry


II. Efforts to Solve the Problem by Adopting a Single Gospel

A. The focus on one gospel: Marcion

B. Efforts to harmonize the four gospels

1. Justin

2. Theophilus of Antioch

3. Tatian

C. Efforts to smooth over the differences


Name Description
1 New Testament Theology - Quiz 3

New Testament Theology - Quiz 3

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54 min

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