Philosophical Foundations for the Study of New Testament Theology

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Comparing and contrasting pietist and rationalist approaches to the study of New Testament Theology


Foundations for the Study of New Testament Theology

Part 2

II. The Legitimacy of New Testament Theology as a Discipline: Three Figures and Two Issues

A. Three important historical figures and their ideas.

1. Johann Philipp Gabler (1787)

2. William Wrede (1897)

3. Heikki Räisänen (1990, 2000)

B. The Common Ground…

1. Beneath Gabler, Wrede, and Räisänen

2. Beneath Wrede and Räisänen

C. How Can Christians Who Believe in Special Revelation Respond to the Criticisms of Gabler, Wrede, and Räisänen?

1. The issue of the canon.

2. The issue of presuppositions.

3. The issue of theological diversity.

a. Diversity as a problem

b. The “canon within the canon” approach.

c. Why this approach will not work

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