Free Online Bible Classes | Romans 14:1–15:13

Romans 14:1–15:13

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V. The Transforming Power of the Gospel: Christian Conduct (12:1-15:13)

A. The Heart of the Matter: Total Transformation (12:1-2)

B. Humility and Mutual Service (12:3-8)

C. Love and Its Manifestations (12:9-21)

D. The Christian and Secular Rulers (13:1-7)

E. Love and the Law (13:8-10)

F. Living in Light of the Day (13:11-14)

G. A Plea for Unity (14:1-15:13)

1. Do Not Condemn One Another! (14:1-12)

2. Do Not Cause Your Brother to Stumble! (14:13-23)

3. Put Other People First! (15:1-6)

4. Receive On Another! (15:7-13)