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Martin Luther's writings can encourage people to pursue their relationship with God on a deeper level.


Luther for Evangelicals

Luther, the Pastor: 2 Kings 15:16


Luther as a Word event- The spoken word not only describes reality but it also shapes reality.

The theology of the cross transforms the landscape of the age.


I. We began our class with some thoughts entitled "About Reading Luther."

A. McGrath's vision of evangelicalism

1. Reformation thought

2. Puritanism

3. Pietism

B. Evangelicalism's actual regarding appropriation

C. Mark Noll's suggestion regarding Luther's utility - Article in First Things in 1994

1. Doctrine of the church

2. Augustinian view of human nature

3. Objectivity of salvation

4. Voice of Luther


II. The State of Evangelicalism

A. Revisioning evangelical theology - Stanley Grenz

Modernist approach to theology is now no longer an adequate approach, therefore, theology should be a practical in terms for today in contextual terms.

B. Donald Bloesh

C. How far have we come?


III. Where Luther can be helpful to us

A. Luther needs to be at the table - a partner in dialogue

Incredible classic texts

1. "Freedom of a Christian"

2. "Bondage of the Will"

B. Luther's non-speculative theology

1. Fundamentalist vs. Modernist led to apologetics that place us under scientific model and now this paradigm of modernity is shaken.

2. Proclamation is different than explanation.

C. Luther's theology of the cross

We as evangelicals have been willing to operate on a power paradigm and business strategies contrasts Luther's focus on hearing the Word and being changed by it.

D. Luther's drive to preaching.

1. Theology is 2nd order discourse, a talking about God.

2. Luther's method drives towards proclamation embedded in the theology of the cross.

E. Luther's nose for the gospel

F. Luther's concern for the church

1. Church is not just another reform.

2. In and with the Church is the word of salvation.

3. "We are beggars as that is the truth."

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