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Lecture 13: Luther on Law and Gospel

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Luther's commentary on Galatians is an attempt to set "Law" in its proper setting.


Luther on Law and Gospel

Luther, the Pastor: Luke 24:46-47

Selections and discussion from Ferde's, Where God Meets Man

Law is not to be confused with laws.

Luther emphasizes 2 uses of the law

1. civil use

2. convict of sin.

3. there is debate as to whether Luther held to the normative 3rd.

The voice of law...pierces the conscience of the individual

Gospel is the end of the law, something new.


Luther and the Concept of the Law

I. The problem of Law in the Book of Galatians

A. Paul's eschatological understanding of law.

B. The Law was not given by God but by intermediaries (Galatians 3:19)

C. Paul's view overturned in the face of Marcionite heresy

D. The church maintained that Christ's appearance consisted in a revision of the law.

E. The result is that 'new' becomes a bad word in the church.


II. Luther's 'commentary' on Galatians is a massive attempt to set law in its proper setting

A. Luther speaks of 2 ages/aeons

B. Luther points to the three advents of Christ

C. Luther asserts that the law must be fixed really, not only theoretically

1. LW 26:316

2. 3 comings of Christ in the flesh, in our souls, and the appearing at end time.


III. The Problem of the third use of the Law

A. Antinomianism forces break beyond faith

B. 3rd use tries to save law by making it manageable

C. Sorting out the issue


Name Description
1 Martin Luther - Quiz 13

Martin Luther - Quiz 13

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