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The Freedom of a Christian

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Faith alone justifies. By faith the Christian is made to love God, therefore a person does good works because they cannot remain idle.


The Freedom of a Christian

Luther, the Pastor: Galatians 5:1

I. The Historical Setting

A. The Leipzig Debate

B. The other two treatises

1. Address to the Christian Nobility

2. Babylonian Captivity of the Church

C. An attempt at conciliation


II. The Genre of the Writing

A. Augustine's Enchiridion

B. Theologia Deutsch

C. The Freedom of the Christian


III. Outline of the Treatise

A. The Inner Man

1. What makes one a Christian? - The Word

2. What effects does faith have?

a. Faith alone justifies.

b. Faith honors whom it trusts.

c. Faith unites the soul with Christ.

3. Christ imparts prerogatives to us.

a. We are kings.

b. We are priests.

B. The Outer Man

1. Why are good works commanded?

2. By faith the Christian is made to love God, therefore one cannot remain idle.

3. The standard by which works are interpreted

4. Works for the neighbor

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