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Lecture 5: The Task of Theology

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Luther's writings demonstrate his ability to understand and articulate issues that are at the core of the nature of God and man. His theology is distinct from philosophy and consists of many comments on passages in Psalms and Romans.


The Task of Theology

Luther, the Pastor: Psalm 51

I. A theology that gets at the meat of the nut.

A. Monasticism, Scholasticism and Humanism

B. Finding the way out


II. A theology that consists in comments on Scripture.

A. Lectures on the Psalms

B. Lectures on Romans


III. A theology that is distinct from philosophy.

A. Disputation against scholastic theology, 1517, before 95 Theses

B. Heidelberg Disputation, 1518


IV. A theology forged in the crucible of pastoral care.

A. 95 Theses, 1517

B. 8 Sermons of 1522


IV. A theology of the knowledge of God and man.


Namesort descending Description
1 Martin Luther - Quiz 5

Martin Luther - Quiz 5

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