The Christian Community in an Islamic Context

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In order to make it easier for Muslims to understand and accept the message of the gospel, Christians can approach them with the assumption that they probably misunderstand the Gospel, that the number one stumbling block for Muslims is Christianity, and that the most effective approach is Jesus plus nothing.


The Christian Community in an Islamic Context


I. Case Study: Rafique in Bangladesh


II. Three Basic Assumptions of Rafique

A. Islam has a misunderstanding of the Gospel.

B. The number one stumbling block for Muslims is Christianity.

C. The most effective church planting method must adopt a Jesus Christ plus nothing approach.


III. Strategic Practice which Flows from These Three Assumptions

A. All Western Terminology Jettisoned

B. Wholesale Adaptation of Islamic Forms

1. Form vs. meaning?

2. Church vs. mosque

3. Friday vs. Sunday

4. Christian vs. Muslim

5. Clergy vs. Lay

6. Allah vs. God


IV. Critical Analysis of Rafique’s Methodology and Vision

A. Form vs. Meaning - Legalism vs. Grace

B. Connection with Body of Christ - Missions

C. Christ plus nothing vs. Islam plus Christ

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