Pillar 5

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Pilgrimage (Hajj) is the fifth pillar of Islam.


Central Articles of Islamic Faith and Practice

Part 3

II.  Unifying Principles: Five Pillars (part 3)

A. Confession of Faith (Shahadah)

B. Ritual Prayer (Salat)

C. Almsgiving (Zakat)

D. Fasting (Sawm)


E.  Pilgrimage (Hajj)

1.  Time of Hajj Dhu al-Hijja - twelfth month

2.  Components of Hajj

a.  Ihram (consecration)

b.  Tawaf (circumambulation of Ka’ba)

c.  Saai (hastening between Safa and Marwa)

d.  Plains of Arafat

e.  Mina - throwing stones at the Devil

f.  “Rebirth” - hajji / hajjah


29 min

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