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Homosexuality and AIDS

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The bible teaches that homosexuality is not moral. Some studies indicate that people that practice a homosexual lifestyle have a high statistical chance of contracting AIDS.


Contemporary Moral Issues

Part 4

IV. Homosexuality and AIDS

A. Biblical Evidence

1. Genesis 19

a. Interpretation

b. Liberal interpretation

2. Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13

a. Interpretation

b. Liberal interpretation

3. 1 Corinthians 6:9

a. Malakoi

i. Interpretation

ii. Liberal interpretation

b. Arsenokoitai

4. 1 Timothy 1:10

5. Romans 1:18-32

a. Interpretation

b. Liberal interpretation

B. Issue of Genetic Orientation

1. Evidence is inconclusive.

2. Environmental causes

3. All are tempted.

C. Secular Views

1. Culturally opposed

a. Ancient Greece

b. Medical profession

2. Academic climate

D. Christian Response

1. Seeking vs. militant

2. No one is beyond help.

3. Love and compassion


1. Definitions

2. History

a. Difficulties in identification

b. Manifestations of the disease

i. Kaposi's sarcoma

ii. Pneumonia

c. Identification of the disease

d. Homosexual Response

i. Initial resistance

ii. Refused to alter behavior

e. Spread of the disease

3. Safe Sex

a. Linguistic sedative

b. Dr. Lorraine Day

i. More contagious than reported

ii. Nature of the disease

c. Political agenda

4. The Course of the Disease

5. Openness to the Gospel

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